“Changing history”.

Currently Julia is working on a series called Changing history. This project consists in different sculptures, all interpretations of characters from different cultures and religions. These characters will be subjected to some changes, whether changes of race, gender or age. What the artist wants to express making these radical changes, is that what really matters are the facts and feats of the characters. Race or gender don´t change anything about that. They are secondary issues that should not matter.

“Still in our society and also in other cultures there are many prejudices based on how we look or which gender we are. This leads of course to Inequality, repression, social exclusion and racism. That is absolutely unacceptable from my point of view and therefore, to change the present I began to change the history”.

Noah, 2016                   Euterpe, 2016

Noah is a female interpretation of the Biblical character of the Ark of Noah.

Euterpe is one of the 8 muses in Greek mythology. This is a black skinned  interpretation of the muse of music.