Julia van der Bom is a young sculpture artist born in Amsterdam, raised in the south of Spain and currently based in Berlin. She works as a freelance artist but she also has experience working in different theatres as a scene sculpture artist.

Julia works with all kind of materials; sometimes traditional, like clay, plaster or bronze, and sometimes more contemporary like different types of resin, Styrofoam, or artificial stone.

The main subject of her artwork is the human body and animals. The strength and beauty of both fascinate this artist. These sculptures are more than just figures; Julia wants to not only capture their physical appearance, but also the essence of the personality or spirit of these creatures. There is a point in the process of creation in which the sculptures stop being sculptures and somehow start to come alive. All of them have a specific aura; they tell a story. There is often a more political idea behind the sculptures and at the same time they express a lot of sensuality.


 Awards and Exhibitions.

– Participation in Reopening exhibition ” From new on” with the ttt (werkstatttraum) collective in Berlin – 2017

– Award from the Andalucian government for best sculpture project 2016 of all Art and Crafts schools of Andalusia –  2017

– Participation in group exhibition “Transformation of sculptures and their magic” at the museum “La casa de los Tiros” in Granada – 2016

– Participation in group exhibition against gender-based violence of the Robles Pozo Foundation at the Arts and Crafts School of Granada – 2016

– Design and making of mask for the Orchestra of Granada for a children concert at the auditorium Manuel de Falla in Granada. “Busca, busca y encontrarás” –    2016



– Higher Technical Certificate in Sculpture at the Arts an Crafts school of Granada. 2014 – 2016

– Bachelor degree in Fine Arts at the University of Alonso Cano in Granada. 2010 – 2014